Daily, we come across job opportunities on newspapers, in social media among other places. Some excite us and our first instinct is how do we get the job? Some end up disappointed because of various reasons. Be ready.

Maximize Your Research

Do not get too excited about it at first and start filling out an application wise. Gather all the necessary information you need. This might include your certificates among other of your academic achievements employment history and contact information about your referees. Have a little research about the company the history, the goals the vision and mission among others. You will make a great impression if you have a great research. Think about why you want this job then proceed to the next step.

Read More on the Job Application

The job opportunity you had identified has got specifics that the employer would like to be met. Identify the specifics. Such specifics will include the job experience and necessary skills. Check for the deadlines and target to be prior to the deadlines. Early submissions will get you higher chances as compared to last minute applicants. Fill out your job application.

This is where you get to stand out as compared to other applicants. It’s advisable to take your time. Draft a sample job application form with all the details. Get your points right before filling out the job application form. Read and reread the instructions then fill out the form. Finally make all the answers up-close and personal. Much less be brief yet interesting. If a question does not apply to you simply fill out N/A to signify not applicable.

Final Touches

Remember to proof read your work. Do not submit your application form before proof reading for grammar and spelling mistakes. If possible let a friend or a colleague to do it for you that way you will identify mistakes that you wouldn’t have identified while you are alone. Check that all the details required you have included them and done it correctly meeting all the specifications.

It’s advisable to keep your copy too for further preparation before the interview. Sign and send.


It takes real preparation and further confidence to get a job. Be thorough with these minor details to easily stand out.

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